How To Engage And Retain Customers With AI

How To Engage And Retain Customers With AI


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Posted By: Adam Rubin


Anyone who runs their own business knows that clients are everything. They are the backbone of a firm that is thriving, and they are sometimes the hardest to please. Achieving client satisfaction is part of the thrill of entrepreneurship, but it is also one of its amazing stressors.

AI interactions will probably be must-haves for your business personally, as your company requires a media presence in which your clients can locate and contact you. Clients are coming to expect quick and automated information when and how they want it. Clients expect near-instantaneous responses and they want the option to join 24 hours a day, seven days per week. That demand isn’t something companies will readily meet.

They estimate that people exchange 2 billion messages with businesses over Facebook Messenger alone every month. Add to SMS texts or direct messages with Twitter, along with other channels you will see customers, and your clients will inevitably embrace and be eager to interact with your businesses. The amount of messaging program users in the United States will reach nearly 150 million this year, — over 45 percent of the population. The truth is, if you are not a part of those discussions, you are missing out on potentially transformative customer interactions and impeding the development of your own organization.




AI can help give you the edge to become more competitive and enhance retention. This enables your business to grow.

AI is becoming more affordable, accessible, and easier to execute, and as it becomes more practical for small businesses to incorporate, entrepreneurs are realizing how valuable the technology can be. From website building to copyediting, AI may function as your jack of all trades. But maybe the biggest gap that AI can close for your company is through how you interact with clients. AI will help you attain increased quality customer involvement without using more of your time.




In reality, the 2018 Condition of Chatbots Report found that 69% of customers prefer chatbots for quick communication with brands. By implementing an AI chatbot you talk to this majority and better serve your customer needs — replying their questions and making connections 24/7, and communication through the channels they prefer.




Chatbots that solve problems not only can answer client queries but also understand how to escalate a scenario when necessary for the good of the company. They permit you to direct your attention to transferring the customer’s needs, not just addressing the customer questions. With how far the technology has arrived, AI is something your company can get started with today, without major investments of money, time, and experience. Your clients don’t have to understand how easy it is. 

Of course, you can’t be expected to handle these potential channels. The good thing is that you don’t need to, and your clients may even prefer it that way. A recent Gartner report declared that 85 percent of customer interactions will be automatic by 2020. This is valuable time saved for you and your customers. After all, the other 15% – the 15% which can’t and should not be automatic — is where you have to be devoting your energy. All these are the interactions with the potential for upsell and opportunity. Without the aid of a chatbot, you conduct the possibility of shedding these discussions amid the noise of simple questions.

Still, if you are like most business owners, then you hesitant to hand over your customer’s satisfaction to a chatbot. You live or die by your own customers and automating these engagements seems dangerous or mad. I get it. However, the truth of the matter is that you want returning clients rather than one time customers and your clients more than probably want an automatic response to their questions, especially when it’s convenient, precise, and always available. As long as their question gets answered, or it solves their problem, how they obtained the answer is irrelevant. 

We have to adapt to the times. It’s been a long time since dial up internet connection and AOL. If they don’t get the answer from you, they most likely head on down the list.