Make Your Offer Irresistible

Make Your Offer Irresistible


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Since you’re selling to human beings wouldn’t it be great to know the five secrets that have the greatest influence on your customers?  What I’m about to share with you will make you the Svengali of Sales in your niche.  I’m going to put them in the order of use in the marketing process, but they can overlap or be switched around to fit your situation.

What happens in nature when there is a vacuum?  Right.  There is an attempt to fill that void, and human nature also follows that law.

  1. Filling the void – When someone does a person a favor or gives them something of value for free, this act provides an imbalance in the relationship.  This creates a subconscious pressure on the recipient to give back in some way. This is what’s known in marketing as filling the void.
  1. Reciprocation – In marketing the word “FREE” has the most response of any word in the English language.  That’s why marketers use it over, and over again.  Everybody likes something for free, don’t you?  Even though “free” means there is no obligation or cost, the recipient does feel obligated.  If something of real value is given to the person, an imbalance is created – a void in nature – that needs to be filled.  Maybe not immediately, but if that person has gotten great value and use from the gift, there will be a nagging sub-conscious motivation to reciprocate in some manner.

You’ll find that some people just don’t seem to reciprocate, and it could be that they didn’t appreciate the full value of your offer.  This is why it’s so important to make sure when you are offering a free gift with a promotion, that your customers are made aware of the full value of what they’re receiving.

What really makes this work in marketing, though, is that you make your “free” offer available when your customer takes action.  Now it can be a very small one like filling out a customer card for you (which gives you their name, address, and email address), or accepting your product on a 30-day trial.

  1. Getting your customer to like you  – Have you heard the phrase, “if a customer knows, likes, and trusts you then they’ll buy from you”.  Well, you’ve gotten them to know you with your “free” offer, the next step is to get them to “like” you.  The quickest way I know to get someone to like you is for you to let them know you like them (reciprocation, again).

Now, not ALL people are going to “like” you and you will not like all your customers, but if you take this approach, you have got a lot better odds of finding customers.

When you’re writing your ads and marketing letters always write as if they are a personal note to a real, live, breathing friend.  Use plain talk as if you’re talking to your best friend, and not “hi-tech technobabble”.  Keep it simple!

  1. Trust – I don’t know about you, but when I hear someone say “TRUST ME” it reminds me of a snake-oil salesperson and makes me do anything but trust them.  So how do you get your customers to trust you?  Take a leadership role with them and tell them what they should do to take action and buy.  You must be or present yourself as an “Authority” figure.  An expert in your field and the only one they should buy from as proven by the endorsements of your other customers, their friends, and neighbors.

If your offer is made in a letter, then include some endorsements from others, mention articles written about you, books, articles, newsletters that you’ve written, etc.  It is interesting that most people don’t want to make a decision, and it’s better that you give them an action plan to say “yes”.

  1. Scarcity – This is one persuader that really motivates humans to action, and you must create and manage this to your advantage in every offer you make.

People want things that solve their problems or make them feel good about themselves that are of good quality.  They want it even more – if the quantity is limited in some way.  Remember the law of supply and demand?  If the demand for a product is high and the supply is low, then the price that’s charged will be accepted readily be it high or low.  (Sounds like buying gas for your car, doesn’t it?)

Even if you create the “perception” that there is a limited quantity available, a limited time frame for availability, or whatever you conceive to use, you’ll find this a catalyst to action for your customer.

Of course, it goes without saying that you always include a guarantee in your offers.  I always like the “no questions asked” type of guarantee for 30, 60, 90 days, or even a full year if it fits for you.  With this, you’re emphasizing your credibility (trust) by saying you’re going to be around for a while.  I’ve found that most times there are very few takers to the guarantee policy you offer, and if there is – you don’t want to keep an unhappy customer anyway.



Owner/Lead Strategist

Founder & Lead Strategist at Resilient Life Management L.L.C. He is also a proud father of three boys, Cole, Caden & Chase. Adam has dedicated his life to helping others attain a life well beyond their wildest dreams. Both in Business & Personal Lifestyle.


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    What Are The Benefits Of Carousel Ads On Social Media

    What Are The Benefits Of Carousel Ads On Social Media


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    What You Need To Know About Instagram Carousel Ads

    By: Adam Rubin

    Another new component presented by Instagram in 2019 was the Carousel Ad. With this an Instagram client can swipe through various pictures or recordings (similarly as you would with a merry go round) and there is a source of inspiration button which will send the client to your site or your online store. 

    You can do various fascinating things with Instagram Carousel Ads. For instance in the event that you have various items that you need to exhibit, a Carousel Ad is perhaps the most ideal approaches to do this. 

    Shouldn’t something be said about on the off chance that you need to share a story in various parts? Again its Carousel Ads to the salvage. Or then again maybe you need clients to bring a profound jump into one of your items or administrations? This is simple with an Instagram Carousel Ad. 

    Facebook presented the merry go round promoting design some time back. They function admirably on Instagram on the grounds that it is a visual medium. You should ponder your crowd with Carousel Ads. Showing a merry go round of various items to a client is probably going to have a significantly more constructive outcome than if a client has never seen your items. 


    What are Carousel Ads? 

    You can recognize an Instagram Carousel Ad as there are spots at the base that are there to convince clients to look through the merry go round. A few organizations use Carousel Ads to take clients on an excursion through their business. This is a decent method to improve the association that a client has with your image. 

    Instagram clients are accustomed to experiencing content at a super quick speed. At the point when you utilize a Carousel advertisement you will keep them taking a gander at your substance for a more extended timeframe. There are two kinds of Carousel Ad which are the picture and video types. 

    These are the suggestions to take action that you can add to your Instagram Carousel Ad: 

    Apply now 


    Book now 

    Call now 

    Reach us 


    The Carousel Image Ad 


    You can add various pictures to make a Carousel Image Ad. At the point when you make the promotion the pictures will be naturally connected together so an Instagram client can look through them utilizing the specks. 


    Here are the significant details for an Instagram Carousel Image Ad: 

    An Instagram Carousel Image Ad has a suggested goal of 1080 X 1080 pixels 

    The right perspective proportion for a Carousel Image Ad is 1:1 

    The picture designs should be either PNG or JPG for an Instagram Carousel Ad 

    The greatest document size per picture for a Carousel Image Ad is 30 MB 

    You can add somewhere in the range of 2 and 10 pictures to your Carousel Image Ad 


    The Carousel Video Ad 


    You can add upwards of 10 recordings to your Instagram Carousel Video Ad. Be cautious when you are making the short recordings to guarantee that you have the right equilibrium of substance so you don’t overpower clients that see your Carousel Video Ad. 

    Here are the significant determinations for an Instagram Carousel Video Ad: 

    A Carousel Video Ad should have a base goal of 600 X 600 pixels 

    The greatest goal for a Carousel Video Ad is 1080 X 1080 pixels 

    The right viewpoint proportion for a Carousel Video Ad is 1:1 

    The suggested record design for the recordings in your Carousel Video Ad is MP4 

    There is a record size cutoff of 4GB per video 

    The length of your video should not surpass 60 seconds 

    You can use somewhere in the range of 2 and 10 recordings for every Carousel Video Ad




    Owner/Lead Strategist

    Founder & Lead Strategist at Resilient Life Management L.L.C. He is also a proud father of three boys, Cole, Caden & Chase. Adam has dedicated his life to helping others attain a life well beyond their wildest dreams. Both in Business & Personal Lifestyle.


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      What Are The Benefits Of Carousel Ads On Social Media

      4 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Through Hashtags


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      4 Top Tips for Better Instagram Tagging

      By: Adam Rubin

       Grow Your Instagram Following Through Better Tagging

      laptop attracting audience through screen

      No one thing makes a successful Instagram account. Success on Instagram is the result of a smart strategy that incorporates a wide range of different factors. 

      But with that said, one of the single most important aspects is to consider the role of your hashtags. Hashtags are some of the most crucial elements when it comes to gaining new views, gaining more likes, and generally helping your page to grow exponentially. Here are four tips that will help you use them better.

      Use Thirty

      You have the option to use up to thirty hashtags, and the most important tip to take away from this? Use ALL thirty. It’s like being able to play the lottery for free. Why would you play just once, when you could enter 30 times and improve your chances of success by x30?

      Find the Sweet Spot

      When you start typing out your hashtags, you’ll find that you see a little preview with suggestions that have numbers by them. Those numbers tell you how many other people have used that hashtag, and this in turn can be a brilliant clue as to which are the best to use. The mistake? Assuming that the most popular hashtag is automatically going to be the smartest option. 

      This is a mistake, because you’ll find a hashtag that is too popular gets drowned out by other identical posts and therefore doesn’t stay visible too long. Likewise, you don’t want a hashtag that no one is interested in… so find that sweet spot with around 30,000 posts.

      Use a Range

      That said, there’s always the smallest chance that if you go for the biggest niche, your image will get picked up by someone influential and go gangbusters. Likewise, if you use an obscure hashtag, it can mean that your image hangs around in search for months and months on end. So use a variety and cover the full range!

      Go Topical 

      News jacking means that you are going to use hashtags that are currently prominent or in the news. This is a great way to get attention and to find people searching for your images. Better yet, is to choose topics that are trending right now in your niche, or that are just becoming big topics but have yet to be inundated with competition.

      Follow these tips, post regularly, and you will be on your way to #success!

      Want A Done For You Approach With Award Winning Graphic Designers & Experts?




      Owner/Lead Strategist

      Founder & Lead Strategist at Resilient Life Management L.L.C. He is also a proud father of three boys, Cole, Caden & Chase. Adam has dedicated his life to helping others attain a life well beyond their wildest dreams. Both in Business & Personal Lifestyle.


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        resilient life blog banner, motivation is the key to life

        Those who are looking for a rundown of the many ways that you can promote your business can use this top ten list


        Are you doing these to promote your product? If not, you should be and you should be using them daily to do so.

         by: Adam Rubin – Founder


        #1: Get Viral:

        Viral media is the method of sharing any pictures, any videos and even audio that you can in as many ways as you can. This is what people look for and want. Plus, they are most likely to pass it on to others, too.

        #2: Keep Optimized:

        Be sure to keep your blogs and websites optimized so that search engines find you. It is important to do this, but it is also very easy to do. There are no over the top keyword rules you have to follow anymore.

        #3: Be Part Of The Community:

        The more you interact with the Internet community, the more people that know you and the more that visit your website. This translates into a better bottom line.

        #4: Be An Expert And Share It:

        You have to know your product so you can talk about it. Check out how you can use website services like to communicate with others. With your knowledge base, you will do well here.

        #5: Find Out Who’s Talking About You:

        Who is posting on their blog about you? Who is creating a backlink to your website? If you do not know, find out and be sure that you interact with them regularly. This is one of the best ways to promote your product without doing anything.

        #6: Draw People To You:

        As opposed to the sales page, create a website full of information. Become the authority on the product or on the topic. This will encourage others to use your website as a base for information on their website. Encourage people to link to your website like this.

        #7: Do Teleconferencing And Live Events:

        If you love to speak in front of others, create a seminar and promote it for your product. There is some cost here if you do not have the equipment to do so, but you can use online services for next to nothing and get fantastic results. The word “Seminar” speaks “I must be there” to those who are on the edge of making a decision about your product.

        #8: Build Your Identity:

        Find high traffic websites having to do with your niche. Then, once there, build yourself up there. This may mean interacting in forums, creating guest posts for the website and even submitting articles that they can use on their website to promote your product.

        #9: Keep Updated:

        Things change online often. The more ready you are for those changes, the more you will be able to communicate them to your readers. You also may find a new possible area to market in.

        #10: Be Consistent:

        With any online business, consistency is what makes or breaks people. As you consider the many ways that you can accomplish this, it is important to focus hard on creating a daily plan and sticking with it. For example, post on your blog daily. Visit forums and blogs daily.


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        Plan For Your Future. Dreams Come True.

        Plan For Your Future. Dreams Come True.

        Plan For Your Future. Dreams Come True.
        By: Admin
        October 1, 2020

        Plan For Your Future. Dreams Com True

        Companies seem to dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success at realizing the company is going in the wrong direction. The only time the company fails is when it is not possible to do a turnaround anymore. We help companies pivot into more profitable directions where they can expand and grow. It is inevitable that companies will end up making a few mistakes; we help them correct these mistakes.

        We help companies turnaround their non-profitable ventures into something that benefits them. Our specialty lies in understanding what makes a company special and what makes it tick.

        Thallo WP – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

        DAVID JAME,2019

        The evolution of a consultant

        Many businesses, large and small, have a huge source of great ideas that can help them improve, innovate, and grow, and yet so many of these companies never think of using this amazing corporate asset. What is this highly valuable asset? Its own people. Says Morgan Fraud, the author of The Thinking Corporation, “Given that we are all capable of contributing new ideas, the question becomes how do you successfully generate, capture, process and implement ideas?” Becoming an organization capable of answering this question can benefit in a number of ways:

        • Work fewer hours & make money
        • Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers
        • Retain, high-paying customers
        • You’ll get more done in less time

        Consulting is the business of providing expert advice

        The true picture of modern consulting is a lot closer to home, and you probably know someone right now making great money as a consultant. 36% of the US workforce is currently engaged in some form of independent consulting and contract work, and out of this group, nearly 20% of those working full-time are earning north of six figures.

        Which method is right for you?

        If you really like the done-for-you approach, you can scale an agency. You will need to hire and train lots of people, and keeping the work quality high can be a challenge. On the flip side however, finding clients who want a turnkey service is very easy

        When people hear the word “consulting,” they often think of Harvard MBAs advising enterprise businesses on corporate strategy. They think that being a consultant means obtaining difficult degrees and certifications from prestigious universities in order to land a competitive job at a top consulting firm.

        With the rising costs of full-time employees, more and more businesses are looking for temporary and ongoing outside help, often in the form of consultants and done-for-you services. If you are interested in starting your own consulting business, there has never been a better time to get started.

        How To Grow Your Mailing List With 2 Steps

        How To Grow Your Mailing List With 2 Steps


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        2 Crucial Tips to Get More People to Join Your Mailing List


        Majority of website owners don’t realize the value of their traffic. lf you took a look at all the people using Google AdWords and similar PPC Campaigns on their pages, then you will notice how these ads will fill up their page, literally directing traffic from their site. The return is not great. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that if those advertisers will pay that much for your visitors, they must be worth more than that.


        While PPC might be a suitable way to make some easy cash from your visitors, it’s far from the most effective way to generate long term profit from their traffic. Getting your traffic to opt-in to a mailing list which will then enable you to bring them back to your site again and again, promoting any products or services you have to them directly is the better option.

        But how do you get them to sign up? Here are some tips on how you can get your visitors to willingly give you their contact details and the permission to e-mail them.

        Offer A Valuable Gift

        One sure-fire way to make people more open to giving away their details is to give them something in return. The easiest option here is to offer an e-book which works well because it’s free to copy and doesn’t require any mailing costs. If you aren’t a prolific writer then don’t worry, you can easily create an e-book by compiling a few of the articles on your website (it’s free after all) or by commissioning someone from a freelancing site or company like Resilient Life to set it up for you.

        To benefit even more from this, include your brand and URL in the e-book. This way if your visitors give the book away and share it with others, it will still act as a good promotion for your site and products. You can also subtly pitch other promotions throughout the content. – again it’s okay as you’re not charging anything for it.

        Note though that you should clarify that your visitors are signing up to your mailing list and not just giving you their e-mail address so you can send them the book. If you don’t first get permission to send them marketing material, you may find that they are psychologically less likely to open your messages and more likely to delete them.


        Design Your Site Around Your Mailing List

        Your average site with AdSense ads on it will place these incredibly prominent Ads and regularly, to get the maximum number of clicks on them. Getting people to sign up to a mailing list is no different, so if you want to maximize the number of leads your site generates, then place your sign-up’s in visible places, making sure not to overdue it. Experiment with your forms and use integrations to help keep your contacts in one place. Create a ‘funnel’ with automations, so when a subscriber signs up for a particular type of product or service, you can segment them into categories. Only giving them valuable information that they are interested in.

        Ask yourself this question: what is the action you want your visitors to take when they land on your site, and what are you doing to ensure that happens?

        ADAM RUBIN

        ADAM RUBIN

        Owner/Lead Strategist

        Founder & Lead Life & Business Strategist at Resilient Life Management L.L.C.  Adam has dedicated his life to helping others attain a life well beyond their wildest dreams. Both in Professionally & Personally.

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