Helping the Community: Business in a Nutshell

Helping the Community: Business in a Nutshell

There is no rule to give back to the community or an obligation to help people around you. I mean no legal obligation, but moral and ethical? YES! Let’s break it down. It is simple. The world does not distribute resources equally. Some of us have things in abundance, some of us have to struggle every day to make ends meet. Some try their best but fail to manage things. And while that has been the case since the beginning of time and probably shall be till the end of time, we are responsible for helping those who need a helping hand. With that flourishing business and new things happening around you, giving back to your community is integral.

Invest in a Cause

When I talk about a community, I am not referring to charity only. I am talking about being a responsible person and entity, making sure that your business benefits society in some way or the other. Here is a tip. Instead of associating yourself with a non-profit organization just for the optics or allocating a % of earnings to charity, look for a cause that you truly believe in – and invest in the cause. Giving back to the community must not feel forced. It also must not be a one-time thing that you want to get done with.

How to Serve the Community?

If you are wondering how to get started or how to give back with limited resources, let me spread it for you. You can start a volunteering program and encourage your employees to participate. How about highlight a cause, let’s say volunteering at a hospital for young patients at the nearby hospital? But make sure you pick a cause that interests your team. You may also encourage employees to cook something nice and bring it to the office. You can then take all the food to a nearby food charity and enjoy the meal with them. You can make this a monthly thing too. Changing and evolving your processes to make them eco-friendly is another great way to give back to the community. And Lego does it the right way. As part of its sustainability program, the company replaced its plastic material with plant-based plastics made from sugarcane. Supporting worthy causes is one way to serve the community and breaking ties with problematic people and organizations is another way to show respect to the community. We learned that from Netflix when it removed Kevin Spacey from House of Cards due to several sexual harassment accusations. We have some extraordinary philanthropists to learn from. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a true example of visionary leadership and philanthropy. The foundation helps improve the quality of lives of people across the globe. Oprah Winfrey’s philanthropy is one-of-a-kind. She has supported women's shelters, funded homes, created scholarship opportunities for women, and whatnot. I recommend you have a look at how the charity has helped businesses and entrepreneurs climb the ladder. Giving back is fulfilling. It makes you realize your power to change lives and gives you a purpose to keep going. You owe it to your community!

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