How to Keep Your Relationships Alive while Working 9 to 5?

How to Keep Your Relationships Alive while Working 9 to 5?

¬¬¬¬How to Keep Your Relationships Alive while Working 9 to 5? Growing up and adulting comes with a lot of challenges and not having time to spend with your loved ones is a big one. I remember that during the first five years of my career, I missed tones of family get-togethers and weekend parties because of pending tasks. And at the end of the week, I was too exhausted for phone calls, let alone meetups. Friends eventually stopped reaching out. But I was trying my best to keep everything on track. It was clearly not working out. Haha. It took me some time and a few failed relationships to figure it out.

The Recipe to Making Relationships Work
Let’s get going.

Keep your loved ones in the loop

At first, I didn’t know why my family and friends were upset with me. I mean, I was working tirelessly, day in and day out. How hard was it for them to give me some space? I would often wonder.¬ The truth is, nobody knows your struggle until you tell about it. Communication is the key to making relationships work. Make an effort to update your loved ones with what is going on in your life. A few texts while munching your left, amid a chaotic workday, aren’t that hard to send, are they? Letting them in will make them feel valued, help them understand your hustle, and keep you in touch with your loved ones with not-so-much effort.

Do not cancel plans

Canceling plans is worse than not making plans at all. If you believe you won’t be able to make it, let your friends and family know. Say that you think we should plan for another day or time. But once you have all agreed to a plan, make sure to stick to it. Canceling at the last hour or making excuses at the end minute can be upsetting for others. The best way to go about it is to recheck your schedule and consider any potential last-hour deadlines that could pop up, before committing to a plan. And even if some unforeseen situation comes up, try to make an appearance for a bit. People need to feel that you are making efforts to stay in touch.

Remember special days and events

Do you know what is worse than not staying in touch? Not even wishing them on their birthdays or sending wishes on their achievements, and so on. Most people understand that with busy schedules and everyday hustles, calling or meeting with friends and family is difficult. But not having the time to send a Happy Birthday, Jacob will not sit well. Mark your calendars, put reminders on your phone, place sticky notes on your desk, do anything that works. Doing this shows that you are holding on to and value their special days and the amazing memories you guys have together. It is okay if some days you don’t have the energy to send a hello. But on days when you do, push yourself to keep up with your cheerleaders!

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