Prioritize Yourself: Bring that Long Due Change

Prioritize Yourself: Bring that Long Due Change

You have probably heard this advice from a lot of people. You have probably tried to act on it as well, but if you have not really been successful, it is okay. You are not alone in this. Most of us find it difficult to prioritize ourselves over others. Even when we know that keeping ourselves second is not a wise approach, we sometimes neglect our needs. We agree that YOU must be the most important person for yourself. No denying that. Today, let’s talk about how you can bring a change in your mindset and be your #1!

Change the Approach: How to Prioritize Yourself

Here are some things you should keep repeating yourself until you master the art of prioritizing yourself:

I am not selfish if I prioritize myself

Just remember one thing. You cannot help others if you aren’t doing well yourself. Let’s take an example. How will you help others survive if you don’t have an oxygen mask on during an emergency landing? To truly meet your desire of being there for others, you must look out for yourself. And that’s not being selfish. You cannot give your best in your relationships or work if you do not allow yourself to learn, grow, and fulfill your dreams.

I deserve to do things I like

Work and relationships can often consume too much from you. Time, resources, energy – you end up spending a lot of these on or with others. And while that definitely adds value to your life, it doesn’t mean you stop doing things that you like. Be it that book on your shelf waiting for you to read it or that road trip you have to take – don’t delay it any further. What is it that’s stopping you from doing things you like? The world will not come crashing down if you take some time off from work and other responsibilities. You deserve those moments of happiness. Take them.

I am doing my best

You know you are doing your best. But you feel reluctant to accept that and give yourself the credit, don’t you? You cannot continue stressing yourself to do more and better without giving yourself the due credit for managing to come so far. How do you plan to be kind to others when you aren’t even kind to yourself? Look yourself in the mirror and acknowledge that you are doing your best and are proud of yourself. Appreciate your strength, hard work, and resilience.

It’s okay to say no

You cannot always be available for people. You cannot always travel the extra mile at work. Boundaries are important. And while saying no is often difficult for most people, we must learn to say it when it is necessary. How times have people left everything and came to your rescue? Then why do you keep doing it every time, at the cost of your physical and mental health? Let’s bring a change and learn to keep ourselves. YOU deserve to be your priority and the world will adjust. Promise!

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