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What you will get from this article:


  • Understand that everyone feels anxiety on some level.
  • Learn 5 effective methods to help you cope with anxiety.
  • My philosophy on what it means to be anxious.
  • Find the knowledge you need to continue pursuing your goals even when anxiety strikes.

Have you ever been so afraid you couldn’t move? Have you ever felt this sense of fear or panic, even when you know it’s not rational? Extreme fear makes us freeze, but what happens when that fear never goes away? For people who are anxious, scared or fearful, everyday tasks can feel impossible to handle.   Everyone experiences anxiety in their lives. The difference is in how we react to it. Some people, it may be speaking in public or pushing the speed limit, which brings about feelings of crippling fear. For others, that kind of anxiety is exhilarating. It’s the way we deal with the anxiety and fear that makes a world of difference.



Broadly, anxiety is a person’s excessive, persistent fear or worry in non-threatening situations. Anxiety can come from specific triggers, for instance, needing to ride in an airplane or speak in public, or manifest in generalized fear and worry about small, every day triggers going on around them. The causes of anxiety aren’t always clear, and they can differ from person to person.
Remember, everyone experiences anxiety at different times and in different situations. But if it’s preventing you from achieving your goals and living the life you want, it’s time to make a change and find anxiety help.

How To Treat Anxiety?

Use your fear before it uses you.
One of the best ways to learn how to deal with anxiety is to understand how to use its fear for motivation. It’s not that successful people are never afraid;It’s that they are more afraid of not living a full, rich life than they are of whatever else might hold them back. Instead of being crippled by fear and anxiety, they use that fear pushing them further toward their goals. Here are 5 tips I used to thrive through times of anguish.

1. Visualization

anxiety, 5 Ways To Cope With Anxiety, Resilient Life Management LLC Take a moment and visualize yourself at an old age. You’re relaxing, reflecting on the life you lived. Now, imagine your life as if you did everything you wanted to do, but it is that always made you feel anxious or afraid; maybe it’s changing careers, getting married or taking a trip somewhere you’ve never been. How do you feel? What’s your life been like as a result?   Now, continue with this mental image, but now examine how your life looks without achieving those things, because of what makes you feel anxious or afraid. This is the path where your fears dominate you. Do you look back and feel you missed out? Do you have any regrets? Wish you’d made different choices?  

Compare the feelings from both possibilities and use that emotion to make your choice. After this exercise, you’ll feel the conviction in your decision.


2. Become Fearful

When your mind fills with fear, it prevents you from doing anything. Make the decision that there is much more fear in doing nothing than the fear itself. Be afraid of not living the life you know you deserve and worked hard for. Don’t let fear hold you back. Let fear be the prime motivator that pushes you to your full potential, achieving all the things in life that you really want. This may be a challenge at first, but once you push past these fears and be more fearful of not becoming a success in life, not making your loved one’s proud, but most importantly not letting yourself down. Once you realize that these fears are way worse than the imagined ones, you’ll be driven to take action.


3. Incantations

Anxiety is a feeling that everyone has experienced and it is normal. Feelings or emotions is energy in motion, so use that to push yourself forwards, not backwards. Progress equals happiness not perfection. If everyone had to feel amazing to be productive, I don’t think any of us would be. Unlike affirmations, incantations is something said out loud, using your whole physiology. (Language, Focus, physiology) Give it emotion by putting meaning behind the words you so carefully choose. Discussed in our “Morning Ritual Article”
                                                                    I WILL LEAD NOT FOLLOW
                                                     I AM CONFIDENT, LAZER FOCUSED, I’M A LEADER
                                                                ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME NOW!
                                                                                 STEP UP! “
          We may never know how to treat anxiety completely, but we can develop tools and     skills to get past those moments of fear and anxiety. When you train your brain to accept      that even though you may have felt some type of way, you can still push forward. That is a luxury most people don’t have.
That negative self talk in your head about anxiety is a limitation, a limitation preventing you from accomplishing your dreams. Are you going to let your mind control your life or are you motivated now to push yourself and relate the feelings of anxiety to action? Most likely you are anxious about something that hasn’t happened yet and most likely will never occur the way you think it will. If you’re focused on the past, depressed thoughts come in. I heard a saying once a long time ago, kinda stuck with me.
“If You have one leg in the future and one leg in the past, you are pissing on the present.”

4. Physiology

If I were to tell you to describe how a depressed person would look like, their breathing, their posture, what they are focusing on. I am sure you would all agree on the responses. Now for those who get anxiety, what are you going through at those times? Are you sweating? Difficulty breathing? These all affect your physical being, It’s your state of mind. So how do you combat this you ask? Change your physiology, stand up straight, smile, or just get up and move. Start dancing. By changing your physical state it will change how you feel. Remember about focus and energy, shift your focus and watch your internal and external dialogue that you tell yourself. The language you use will affect your emotional state.
anxiety, 5 Ways To Cope With Anxiety, Resilient Life Management LLC

5. Tag It And Bag It

Remember, these emotions are never just going to go away completely. It’s how we deal with them is what needs to change. Stressful moments happen in life and I am not saying you can’t react or have these feelings, just don’t dwell in them. 
I love to play golf, but sometimes I hit a bad shot and let it get into my head. It takes me two holes just to get back in the game. Tiger Woods, for instance, when he hits a bad shot, he allows himself 60-90 seconds to get emotional about what just happened, but It’s what he does after those 90 seconds that really makes a difference. He moves on. I started using this method first on the golf course, instead of one bad shot turning into two holes of bad shots, by the time I got to my ball “I tagged it and bagged it”. Never brought it back into my mind, just went back on focusing on my current objective.
The same goes with anxiety, self-pity, any emotion or feeling we get. We have to move forward. How many times has life happened and put you in a mood, and while in that mood, how many good decisions did you make? My guess is few. Our state of mind can affect the way we make decisions. So, feel it, embrace it, then tag it, bag it and never look back.
If you are someone who struggles with these feelings more frequently than others, don’t beat yourself up. We all handle anxiety at some point in our lives. This is not a reason to give up; you have the control, the drive, everything you need to be successful.
**The information and other content provided in this article, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.

anxiety, 5 Ways To Cope With Anxiety, Resilient Life Management LLC
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