Do you know the results you want to achieve in your business? Many business owners and managers understand where they want to go, but they don’t have the roadmap to get there. Knowing where you want to end up and having a concrete path are very different things. Business action plans are effective tools to take you from point A, where you are now, to point B, your version of success – Instead of taking action, you need to take massive action. See how your business is doing with our Business Assessment.


Once you have absolute clarity about the exact result you want and why you must achieve it, the next step is to create the MAP (Massive Action Plan) to get yourself there. Remember, the why is just as important as the clarity of your result. Using a MAP goes beyond goal setting; it changes the emotional meaning behind all of your activities and forms a stronger link back to the outcome, making it more likely you’ll achieve it. One of the core qualities of a great leader is the ability to influence others. But you can’t influence others to take action if you don’t know what that action looks like.

Recognizing you need a MAP and knowing how to make an action plan are two different things. Fortunately, there are some simple questions you can ask yourself to develop a plan that works for you. While not all maps will be the same because of your unique goals, your working style and the structure of your company, they do all have some similarities.


When you’re creating your MAP, ask yourself, “How much?”, “By when?” and “For what purpose?” Then write it down. Make it a permanent, tangible expression of your mental target and then get ready to take massive action. The “For what purpose?” question is the key to make it all work because, as any good life coach will tell you, it connects your values and emotions to your goals. If you are not able to visualize, verbalize and write down why you are pursuing a goal, it’s likely you have not formed the connection needed to make it a reality.

When you’re ready to put your business action plan into place, it’s time to take the next step. This exercise will help you solidify your purpose and mentally prepare for action.

Exercise: Are you committed to taking massive action?

Complete your own Massive Action Plan in the graphic below to help you stay on track.

1. Write the results you want to achieve.

2. Write down your purpose (compelling reasons you want to accomplish your goals).

3. Develop a sequence of priority actions.


Massive Action Plan, How To Make a Massive Action Plan (MAP), Resilient Life Management L.L.C.Business action plans can generate growth for your company as long as that growth is in sync with your value system and you understand why you’re doing it. When developing a Massive Action Plan for growth, be as specific as possible when writing the results you want to achieve. “Doubling sales” will not cut it for a MAP. Use concrete numbers or percentages so you can determine how effective your plan is and where you see opportunities for growth.

Look at your entire organization and how each department will affected if your goals are achieved. For example, an exact figure of how much you want to increase your sales in the next year, anyone you will need to hire onto the team to reach these goals, that a person who is an ideal fit for your company and what other costs will be necessary for new equipment, buildings or technology. These should all be included when you’re writing your massive action plan.


How will your business handle change? Change is inevitable between competition and technology. You must always be prepared to take action and adapt in the areas that need adapting. Continuous innovation is one way to always stay ahead and become the trend not join it, but any plan has to be flexible when the time calls for it. Having a road-map will not only help you, but your team members when change occurs. They will know the exact steps to take to continue business as usual.


We can also use a MAP to guide your company through a crisis. This business action plan will need to address any issues being a resource for your employees. Having compassion and developing a process that can be replicated should another crisis occur. The effectiveness of this game plan will work on and off the field.

Inspired By Tony Robbins- www.tonyrobbins.com

Massive Action Plan, How To Make a Massive Action Plan (MAP), Resilient Life Management L.L.C.
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