Does it really matter what you do every morning? A ritual? Believe it or not a high percentage of people wake up already thinking about the stress that lies ahead. However, a positive incantation can be just the thing you need to get pumped and ready to take the day head on!

Those who have claimed to have an effective ritual say it really sets the tone of the day. Giving them a better outlook and approach. For those who have not adopted a morning ritual, many say it is a hit or miss. “They” like to say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or Vice Versa. On those days of “waking up on the wrong side”, this mood is likely to carry on throughout the rest of your day, sometimes not able to snap out of it at all.


The Huffington Post published an article on morning rituals that help you create a better day and ultimately a better life. The author places particular emphasis on the benefits of visualization and how Tony Robbins takes it to the next level by adding positive incantations. That’s right, not affirmations – incantations*.

Through Tony Robbins and his team is where I was first introduced and taught how to make and perform a proper incantation.I know, when I was first heard about this I had no clue what to think. I asked him, “So, I just look in the mirror and say I am beautiful over and over again?”, we laughed, but again I was confusing affirmations with Incantations. It is that and much more. Without jumping too much into our physiology or psychology. The bottom line is that we have the power to control and change how we feel. How we feel can change the outcomes and choices we partake in at home or in the office.

First, let me explain the difference between an affirmation and an incantation. An affirmation is a spoken word of encouragement, but for some people it just isn’t enough to be an effective technique. For those who really want to get in the “zone” for their day, just saying an affirmation will not cut it. Yes, reciting something that is uplifting may scratch the surface, but with an incantation, you are truly feeling the meaning of what you are saying by using your whole physiology. That is way more empowering. Not only are you speaking these words, you are using your body and your voice to bring them to life.

morning rituals and incantations, Why Do Most Successful People Have Morning Rituals?, Resilient Life Management L.L.C.

“Growth Happens When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

Incantations really come in handy not only as part of a morning ritual. We all have times when we are just not in the mood, but have a commitment or sales call where we must be in the “zone”.  Need help writing an incantation? Inquire within and we will be happy to assist.

10 minutes daily should be the bare minimum. Make a commitment to yourself, leave a comment below to solidify the deal. Embarrassed that others may hear you? Judge you? Successful people do what others won’t do now, so they can do whatever they want later. Throw some music on while you’re getting ready, take a walk or in your car on your way to work. My kids think it’s fun, so there is no excuses.

The first two weeks, you will notice yourself repeating it over and over in your head, before bed . After 4 weeks, other people will notice something different, a change. A confidence or just a feeling when you walk into a room. An “I’ll have whatever he/she is having” feeling. This will be the same for you, the words you say will have meaning as you start believing.


The key to incantations is how you are changing your whole physiology, your state of mind, and your focus. Bringing a positive outlook to everyday. There is nothing wrong with affirmations, they sound positive and are, they just lack power when not said out loud, with meaning and emotions behind them. An effective incantation truly hits the mind, body and spirit to alter one’s way of thinking, feeling and believing.

Maybe at first you don’t 100% believe what you are saying. Another voice in your head is saying “but I am not confident”. Keep pushing through these barriers we call limiting beliefs and not only will this change your morning, it could change your whole outlook on life and yourself. Remember, the mind has no eyes. It believes what you say to it, internally, externally and your senses. Studies on the brain have been done with piano players and Olympic athletes in which visualizing, the act of the performance had the same effect on the brain as preforming the task.

morning rituals and incantations, Why Do Most Successful People Have Morning Rituals?, Resilient Life Management L.L.C.For those of you who like to work out, well guys at least, want to go heavier and heavier, adding up how much weight they just benched, bragging to their friends, but the weight doesn’t matter if your form is terrible. Someone who uses less weight with proper form would have more effective results. Why, because your brain cannot read the numbers on the weights.

The resources and tools for success are there for those who are resourceful enough to not just find them but adopt them into your life. Adding Incantations to your morning ritual will serve as a powerful reminder. Every day getting that confidence boost, you need to start each day as the man or woman you choose to be. It is a commitment to living your life with an energy so positive other people feel it. Tapping into the inner confidence buried inside yourself.




Incantations allows you to take the wheel of your mind by choosing how you want to feel when you want to feel it. Change the quality of your life no matter what circumstances you may be in. Be strong, don’t let external forces control the way you feel. Don’t allow a limiting belief to stop you from living your dream life. Mental and emotional control can be a factor of how you look at your life and make key decisions.

This influences the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, what we’re capable of or what’s achievable or not. The states we go into most often will determine whether we find the strategies necessary to succeed and whether we come up with a story that will empower us. Knowing you have this massive power to change your life, what are you going to do with it?


morning rituals and incantations, Why Do Most Successful People Have Morning Rituals?, Resilient Life Management L.L.C.It is vital to manage your time efficiently. A morning ritual means you need to allow yourself the uninterrupted time to visualize and reflect. If you live in a house like mine, morning times can be hectic, rushing to get kids ready for school or camp while getting yourself ready for work. Rushing an incantation will just diminish its power. Maybe you have to get up a little earlier to have a comfortable, stress free environment to focus. There is a reason every successful person I have spoken to has a morning ritual. I guess the question to ask your-self is it worth it?

If anyone told you changing your life is a walk in the park, it’s because they haven’t had to change theirs. From finding time to add in a morning ritual or making other necessary positive changes in your life, it can be challenging. This is where a Life Coach could be beneficial. Having the aid of a life coach will not only efficiently map out your morning ritual but also have the insight of an experienced professional. I am a life coach, and I continue to work with a life coach still.

There is always room to grow, new strategies and techniques to learn, but the higher quality service I can provide for my clients. To complete rearrange your entire morning, giving yourself enough time and applying new techniques to the start of your day can be a daunting task. Help and accountability can be your keys to establishing healthy habits to bring about positive changes to your day and your life.

One of the greatest scientific discoveries has been that you can alter your emotional mood by a radical shift in your physiology, and we can achieve that through incantations. If a morning ritual has the power to transform your whole existence, isn’t it worth giving a shot? We can meet our true potential with positive incantations, which we can use to recognize the confident and driven person living within ourselves.

*Article Inspired By Tony Robbins

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morning rituals and incantations, Why Do Most Successful People Have Morning Rituals?, Resilient Life Management L.L.C.
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