Events & Experiences

Events & Experiences

What is a Resilient Life Experience?

Resilient Life  offers a variety of solutions, delivered in various formats. As the world is opening back up, it seems the lack of connection has played a toll on the majority. We will update on future events coming to a location on you. Each experience will differ and can create the perfect “Bleisure,” business & leisure at a destination of your choice. We hit both personal & professional growth experiences.

Why do we use it?

There is nothing more intimate & inspiring than a in-person experience. A way for our community to grow, provide experience, strength and hope. The more immersive, the better. Like we’ve been saying, repetition is vital to mastering any skill. Our job is to provide you the tools and foundation to continue to have breakthroughs well after we are gone. Learn how to master your emotions, gain confidence, improve your communication skills and more. Our intensive business event will transform & provide you with easy to swallow solutions.


Where does it come from?

Our experiences are a lot different than others. Adam re-invests to give back to those who are struggling, especially young adults/teens. You’d be surprised what little encouragement one truly needs to take action. Life can be easy & fun, but we tend to overcomplicate it to the point where no action is taken at all. Defying all odds, Adam has been told it couldn’t be done and continues to prove them all wrong!