Sales Training Program

Sales Training Program

What is Sales Training?

Sales Training provides you with many ways to learn why people buy or not buy a service/product. Most importantly, the power of influence on oneself before being able to influence others. Our step by step system will help you close more sales, more leads and remove call reluctance. If you are not improving, you are getting rusty. Invest in yourself and your team.

Why do we use it?

Just like any professional sport, theirs the athlete, the trainer and the coach. Adding coaching to a training program increases results by 30% while just announcing you are bringing in a trainer will boost productivity 20% alone before we even get started. Don’t settle for mediocracy. We will provide you with systems, tools, resources to ensure you and your team get measurable results each month.


Where does it come from?

If you are not growing, you are dying. These days, people can smell a salesperson a mile a way. Our goal is to remove that perception by gaining respect, earning trust and being seen as an expert. 80% of your success is managing your own psyche while only 20% is the actual strategies. Resilient Life is here to provide you both in the format of your choice. Reach out to find out more about mastering sales and the power of influence.